Chocolate Cures Everything

Monday, December 11th, 2006 • 1 Comment on Chocolate Cures Everything

There’s nothing like coming home to a Christmas tree that has fallen over to just make your day.  The pine needles, wet carpet, broken glass and thirty or so ornaments that fell off were bad enough, but then the vacuum cleaner wouldn’t work, the dog was barking at the raccoons who had come for dinner and I kind of lost it.  Oh, and I also forgot to give the cat her insulin shot on time.  Sigh…

Christmas time is supposed to be pretty and perfect and serene.  I am not feeling serene.  I haven’t finished my shopping, I haven’t mailed the out-of-state gifts, I still haven’t started my holiday cards and I’m starting to think I won’t send any this year.  Plus, I didn’t bake anything tonight even though I specifically went to the store on my way home to get flour, so I’m not only without serenity, I’m without chocolate when the only thing I wanted to do tonight was bake.  Simple, right?  Just… bake.

Life isn’t fair sometimes.

Final exam tomorrow and then the fall semester is officially over for me.  Three weeks of break (translation: frantic writing to meet end-of-year deadlines and already-contracted assignments) and then it’s American Literature, Feminist Thought and (probably) Harlem Renaissance Literature for sixteen weeks.  And maybe an art class, just for kicks.  It’s nice to have stuff to look forward to, even if it is in a twisted academic sort of way.  Hopefully the break will bring me some serenity with much reading, writing, making more baby hats (deadline, January 2nd), going to movies, drinking coffee, taking pictures and maybe coming up with a new blog look.  Fun stuff (to me, anyway).

The only thing I’m looking foward to right now is waking up to a Christmas tree that’s still standing and getting my final exam out of the way.  Maybe I’ll bake something chocolate tomorrow night, hmm?

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