Coffee I Need Coffee

Monday, December 4th, 2006 • No Comments on Coffee I Need Coffee

My internal time clock is all out of whack. 

Thanks to keeping some crazy hours over the weekend, I slept in until nearly eleven this morning (with brief interruptions at eight o’clock when the phone rang and eight-thirty when the dog performed his take-me-out-now routine) and I’m still feeling groggy at one o’clock.  Oh, the woe of having no structure to my schedule!

It’s not that I don’t accomplish as much as I would if I got up early and went to bed before midnight, I do.  It’s just that I hate the sense of impending doom I feel when it seems like half my day is over because half of everybody else’s day is over.  It’s hard to remember I’m not a slacker when I’m still in my pajamas and have bed head while other people are going to lunch and commenting that the work day is nearly finished.  Yikes!  Panic!  I have so much to do and I’ve wasted half a day! 

Except, I haven’t.  I’ll still be up with the day people are tucking into bed for the night, so my day really is only just beginning.  And, hey, I put in a lot of hours this weekend when other people were hanging out at Starbucks and reading the Sunday paper (which I haven’t read yet, by the way).  Okay, yes, I’m a little defensive about my lifestyle. Maybe a shower and a black-and-white mocha will help, hmm?

(I was trying to find a link to a black-and-white mocha since it’s kind of a “specialty” drink, but all I could find was this article in The Seattle Times about fancy coffee drinks.  What they call a black-and-white mocha is not the black-and-white mocha I drink.  Thankfully, the baristas at the Barnes & Noble Cafe not only know what a black-and-white mocha is, they know that I like mine iced, with three pumps of each, no whipped cream.)

Bring on the coffee.  Let the work day begin.

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