Goodbye, 2006

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2006 is over?  When did that happen?  Ahh… time flies.

2006 wasn’t the best of years, though I suppose I should add the disclaimer that it wasn’t the worst of years, either.  In some ways, I’ve felt like I’ve been in limbo for most of this year.  Not quite where I want to be… not quite ready for change… limbo is like that, I suppose.

Some very good things happened in 2006.  There have been many fiction sales and trips to London, St. Thomas and Chicago.  I got to spend more time with Sheri this year than I have since the late 90’s when I lived in Charleston and she lived in Atlanta.  My friendships remain constant, if erratic, as some have drifted away in their own pursuits.  I survived both a year of graduate school and half a year of a husband on sabbatical from the Navy without screaming, dropping out of school or filing for divorce.  In fact, I rather like the fact that we’ve both been in school at the same time.  That, too, hasn’t happened since the late 90’s and the piles of books, articles and notes that have filled the house this year, not to mention the many conversations, appeal to my love of academia.  I could do without the stress of research paper deadlines, however. 

Good things aside (and bad things forgotten), I’m ready to move forward into 2007 despite some big, big changes coming in the next year.  May will be a big month for me.  I have my 40th birthday to look forward to and— believe me— I am looking forward to it.  I’ll finish my M.A. in Humanities in May, as well.  Jay heads off to Rhode Island in July for a sixish month stretch, followed by a return to sea duty (insert ominous music here).  We’re house hunting, baby talking and future planning.  It’s exciting, it’s scary, it’s change.  Change is good, right?

Resolutions forthcoming.

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