Make a Hat, Save a Baby

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Save the Children
is sponsoring Caps to the Capital, a program to provide knitted and crocheted hats to newborn babies in developing countries.  Their downloadable “Caps to the Capital” kit says in the introduction:

“Can something as simple as a knit or crochet cap help save a newborn life? In many poor countries, the answer is yes. Four million newborns die each year within the first month of life–- half within only the first 24 hours after being born. But a package of simple health measures provided to mothers and babies worldwide, including antibiotics to fight infections, training for skilled birth attendants, immunizations against tetanus, education on breastfeeding and basic care such as drying a newborn baby and keeping it warm (this is where the caps come in!) could prevent 70 percent of these deaths. These babies need more than caps – they need your voice, too. The United States can lead the way in saving young lives by increasing funding for these critical health measures for mothers and children in developing countries.  But we need your help. Let America’s leaders know that you’re willing to do your part, and together we can do much more. “

If you knit or crochet, this is a fun, easy project to provide babies in developing countries with something that is provided to every baby born in a U.S. hospital.  You have until January 2nd to mail your finished caps and you get to include the following note to President Bush:

“Dear Mr. President,
In recognition of the 2 million babies who die each year in the first 24 hours of life in developing countries, I made this cap.  I am sending it to you today to demonstrate the need for our country to do more to help newborns survive.”

Jay is the knitter in the family and I can sort of manage to crochet, so we’ve made a few caps.  I thought our efforts might inspire other people to participate in this worthy cause, so I asked Sam the Bear (who is roughly the size of a newborn) to model our caps.  I think Jay’s caps are the inspiring ones, my um… oversized… efforts will simply make you laugh.  What can I say, my skills are limited but my heart is in the right place.  Maybe there are some newborns with big heads in need of warming.

Jay’s first effort, a cute brown wool cap

Jay’s second cap, jaunty, fuzzy and red

My first cap, in a multi-colored baby yarn

My second, and possibly last, attempt

Make a hat, save a baby.  Download your own “Caps to the Capital Kit” at Save the Children and send those hats off by January 2nd.  Oh, and keep those hats small, I have the big-headed babies covered.

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