My Space is a Lonely Place

Saturday, December 23rd, 2006 • 1 Comment on My Space is a Lonely Place

I have my PowerBook back and all it took to get it was $500 and being willing to brave the Friday-before-Christmas crowds at the mall.  The Apple robots did a good job (with minor grumbles about the hinge and the keyboard keys that didn’t get replaced) and I’m happy and life is good and I learned two lessons for the costly price of one:  do not let little children rush me in the bathroom and BACK UP MY FILES.

A week without a computer has made me antsy to get back to work (right after I finish all the Christmasy goodness that is, of course, mandatory).  I’m ready to make some blog changes, too, and I’m contemplating setting up a MySpace page and linking here.  Maybe if I had a great big circle of friends (all of whom are beautiful and under 30 and say things like “Yo, wassup dawg?”), I’d be one of the cool kids, too.  Or maybe I could at least be their mom.  Hmm. 

Some of my favorite writers and editors maintain a space on MySpace as well as have a personal website and/or blog.  Rachel uses her MySpace to keep people updated on her schedule as well as promote her books.  Jennifer Weiner’s website and MySpace site complement each other nicely, I think.  Tristan Taormino’s use of MySpace seems like a good way to promote her more commercial site and to let her friends (over 4000, some of which I even know!) post comments.  Her friends are not only beautiful and under 30, a lot of them are porn stars, too.

I just don’t know if it’s worth the effort for me to maintain both a blog here and something on MySpace.  I mean, how many friends do I really need?  Of course, the publicity would be nice, especially if I ever get around to selling a novel.  Maybe MySpace wouldn’t be a bad idea if I could keep it simple and integrate it with my blog here.  Oh, and as long as I don’t ever have to say, “Yo, wassup dawg?”

Thoughts, especially from people who maintain both an independent site and a MySpace page?

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  • Jolie says:

    Hi Kristina,

    So you have to be under 30 to be beautiful?  (Just kidding.)

    I’m pleased to see you’ve set up a MySpace page.  MySpace has gotten a bad rap in the media.  And MySpace isn’t just for kids.

    Writers who are interested in promotion know the value of MySpace.  With over 140 million members -it only makes sense to have a page.

    It’s worked for me.  I’ve received a number of opportunities as a result of my MySpace contacts.


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