Talk to the Animals

Saturday, December 2nd, 2006 • No Comments on Talk to the Animals

During the short breaks between long hours of writing, I find ways to amuse myself.  I’m good at amusing myself.  Or maybe I’m good at procrastinating.  Or maybe they’re one in the same.

Sheri sent me a cute animation she made at the American Express website, starring Ellen Degeneres and Ricki the raccoon, in Paris.


The raccoon told me I should go to Paris.  No, really.

You can make your own Ellen-and-friend animation here and you can make your animal say anything you want.  Well, almost.  I made one of Ellen and Shelley the tortoise, discussing coffee drinks at a cafe.  Shelley was not allowed to say “cream” as in “whipped cream.”  Hmm.  I guess cream is a naughty word in animation-land.  Go figure.

Yeah, yeah, back to work for me.  Paris will have to wait a few more months.

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