The Horror!  The Horror!

Wednesday, December 13th, 2006 • 1 Comment on The Horror!  The Horror!

I dropped my PowerBook.

I DROPPED my PowerBook.

I feel sick.  Yes, it still works.  So far.  The hard drive appears unharmed, but the casing is dented on the right corner, rendering the disk drive unusable.  That appears to be the only damage (unless it’s bleeding internally and is quietly dying on me).  It wasn’t locking properly before and I had to jiggle it to get the magnetic catch to, well, catch, but now it won’t catch at all.  Did I mention I feel sick?

I have no idea what Apple Care covers with regard to horrible acts of God like this.  Because, really, what else could it be when I’m in a fabulously good mood and having a lovely day except an act of God, reminding me that bad things happen to good computers?

My poor PowerBook.  I could just puke.  But first, maybe I’d better back up all my files which never get backed up because I always forget.  I think I’m supposed to learn something from this.  But why, why, why did my PowerBook have to suffer?

And no, I don’t want a new computer, not even a shiny new MacBook Pro.  I want my trusty PowerBook G4 to be better.

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