What Didn’t Happen This Christmas

Thursday, December 28th, 2006 • No Comments on What Didn’t Happen This Christmas

This Christmas, I did not…

…bake as much as I wanted.

—write holiday cards, for the first time in… a lot of years.  I don’t think I’m going to get them written in January, either.  (Sorry, Jen!)

—get holiday cards from everyone I usually receive cards from.  Hmm… does this mean I only get a card if I send a card?

—receive any present I will regift next year.  Honest!

—put up all the lights we intended to put up.  Maybe next year.

—sleep in on Christmas morning or take a nap Christmas day.  I got up quite early and stayed up quite late.  Oh my.

—avoid injury while making Christmas eve dinner.  I sustained one cut and one burn, but I didn’t mind.  Such injuries placate the cooking gods, thus insuring an excellent meal.

—go to midnight mass.  Every year I think I might, every year I don’t.  Like the lights, maybe next year.

—watch “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”  I don’t know how I missed it, but I did.

—think about Christmases past (too much), which is a good thing.

—like the rainy, mid-60s weather.

—feel guilty for not doing everything I wanted to do.  For a change.

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