Hang On, It’s Going To Be a Bumpy Ride

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007 • 1 Comment on Hang On, It’s Going To Be a Bumpy Ride

In 2007, I resolve to…

Finish my M.A. in Humanities. (I thought I’d lead with an easy one.  Graduation is May 5th.  Barring any unforseen problems, it seems like a sure thing once I complete nine more credits.)

Apply to the MFA in Creative Writing program at Bennington College.  (I’m hesitant to put this in writing as I don’t even know if I want to commit myself to such a demanding program, even if it is low-residency.  Still… my geeky little academic heart is excited about the idea.)

Develop a five-year plan… but don’t be constrained by it.    (I turn forty this year and it would be nice to have a plan for where I want to be by the time I’ve forty-five.  Given that I like to wander down the road less traveled, it wouldn’t surprise—or bother—me if I end up somewhere else entirely.)

Celebrate my fortieth birthday.


celebrate it. (Turning forty is a mile marker for anyone, but it has long been a magical, frightening age in my mind.  It’s a turning point of sorts… I see it as a path to new beginnings rather than the beginning of the end.  I intend to celebrate it properly.)

Keep learning… even when I’m not in the classroom.  (The more I know, the more I realize how much I don’t know.  I hope to learn a few new non-academic things this year, preferably things that don’t involve needles.)

Be as good to myself as I am to others.  (This covers everything from cooking for myself to pampering myself to worrying about my own health as much as I worry about everyone else.  I’m turning forty… I deserve to treat myself right.  Right?)

Take a chance on something big. (My adventurous side is kicking in… I don’t know where this will lead, but it’s exciting to contemplate!)

7 resolutions for 2007.  It’s going to be a challenging, change-filled year for me… and I’m ready for it.

Happy New Year… make it count!

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