In It To Win… And To Change History

Thursday, January 25th, 2007 • No Comments on In It To Win… And To Change History

I minored in History as an undergraduate, mostly because I had more credits in that subject than any other.  I wasn’t particularly interested in history as a kid—the history I knew was men’s history and my history books were filled with stories about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and the rest.  Women’s history was relegated to those little boxes off in the sidebar about women like Betsy Ross, Dolly Madison and Martha Washington.  Not exactly my idea of role models.

American History was written by men and about men and I had little interest in a subject that didn’t include someone who represented me as anything more than a seamstress or a first lady.  I found European history to be more interesting—at least the women got to be in charge sometimes!  I was obsessed with Joan of Arc for a few years—she was strong and independent, she was a soldier and a leader.  She was also burned at the stake at eighteen, so there went my career aspirations as a woman warrior.

I have said for years that if a woman ever ran for president in this country I would vote for her, regardless of political party, because we need to set the precedent.  I want to live in a country where a woman as president won’t be any bigger a deal than having a man as president.  The only way to accomplish that is to get the first woman into the White House so she can hold the door open for other women.  Given the current political climate, I could no longer in good conscience vote for just any woman presidential candidate. Condi wouldn’t get my vote, for instance.  On the other hand, I have always said if Hillary Clinton ever ran for president, I’d back her.  She’s smart, she’s experienced and her politics are to my liking.

Guess what?  Hillary is running and she’s in it to win.

Hillary in 2008.  Barack in 2016.  That’s my dream.

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