It Fits In An Overhead Compartment

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I love Rob Brezsney’s kooky Free Will Astrology.  I’ve been reading his weekly horoscopes for years in our “alternative” paper and he is so far out there that sometimes he makes complete sense.  For instance, this week’s horoscope:

Your web of allies is a crucial part of your pursuit of happiness. The stimulation and support you ask them for are vivid evidence that you love life and have a strong sense of what’s good for you. Every now and then, however, you need to remember that it’s important to avoid falling completely under their influence. You’ve got to resist peer pressure, and declare your independence from the crowd’s power to shape you. Now is such a time, Taurus.

This resonated with me for two reasons: first, because one of my resolutions for 2007 is to treat myself the way I treat others, and second, because I have had three pretty terrific weeks since January 1.  Are those two things related?  I wonder. 

I think one of my best—and worst—character traits is my empathy.  It allows me to understand someone else’s feelings and act accordingly, but it also causes me to take on someone else’s problems.  I am too often influenced by other people’s negative energy (or, in less esoteric language, their bad moods) and it affects me.  Deeply.  I end up carrying around not only my own baggage, but the issues and drama and fears and damage of others, as well.  It’s a heavy burden sometimes.  The thing is, I don’t expect anyone else to carry my baggage, so why should I feel the need to carry anyone else’s, to the point that it influences my own happiness?

Astrology is a silly thing, speaking in such generalities that it can often apply to anyone.  But this week’s Free Will Astrology spoke to me and reinforced the fact that I’m


because I’m not carrying anybody’s baggage but my own these days—and I’m traveling light.

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