Life Moves Pretty Fast

Sunday, January 14th, 2007 • No Comments on Life Moves Pretty Fast

Things have been rather quiet around here, haven’t they?  My apologies.  It’s not as if I don’t have a lot to talk about: 

—The semester has started, which means I’m wallowing in academia and loving it (so far—the love affair tends to fade by mid-semester).  I think I’m going to enjoy the reading in all of my classes and it should be a good last semester (I use that term only in referring to the pursuit of my M.A. in Humanities).  Plus, taking American Literature, the Harlem Renaissance and Feminist Theory will give me all sorts of things to talk about at parties.  Bonus.

—I have writing deadlines from now until spring (which seems to have already arrived in the form of 70+ temperatures) as well as my first writing sales of the year.  These things tend to go in cycles, with writing, writing, writing followed by a couple of quiet months and then selling, selling, selling (I choose not to think about the rejections). 

—I’ve seen a bunch of movies!  I would recommend Night in the Museum, for the kid in you, The Holiday, for the romantic in you, The History Boys, for the indie film lover in you, and Dreamgirls, for the singer in you.  I’d also recommend Stranger Than Fiction if it’s still playing near you.  It’s a captivating little film and it changed my mind about Will Ferrell.

—I’ve joined the MySpace revolution, but the verdict is still out as to whether I’ll maintain a second residence there.  We’ll see.  If you’re in the neighborhood, drop by.  (I’m keeping the account private for now, until I decide whether I’m staying or will use that location to post excerpts of my stories, but feel free to send me a friend request.)

—My book recommendation of the week is a cookbook.  No, it’s not Apocalypse Chow, that was last week’s recommendation, it’s Claud Mann’s Dinner & A Movie Cookbook.  I’ve watched the TBS series (is it a series? I don’t know how to describe it) Dinner & A Movie for years, but I didn’t realize there was a cookbook, too!  (According to Amazon, there are several cookbooks.)  Not only would Dinner & A Movie make a great dinner party theme, reading the cookbook is good for a laugh.  It’s hard to pick my favorite recipe (title, not the actual recipe), but the longest one has to be An Officer and A Gentleman: Drop & Give Me 20 Bean Salad (with Moody & Misunderstood Zack Mayo).  Funny.

—Birthday plans are underway.  Nothing has been finalized yet, but I’m working on a few ideas…

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