Looking Back Before I Look Forward

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007 • No Comments on Looking Back Before I Look Forward

Did I succeed or fail in 2006?  I think I should take a look at last year’s resolutions before I commit myself to 2007…

Resolution #1: Take better care of my health.   Hmm… wish I could say I succeeded at this, but since it took thirteen months for me to schedule a sixth-month follow-up appointment, I’m going to have to say I failed this one.

Resolution #2: Sell a novel.   I failed at this, but then again, it’s impossible to sell a novel if one does not submit a novel.  I did, however, sell enough short fiction to equal the length of a novel, so perhaps this is only a partial failure?

Resolution #3: Make writing my career.   I was certainly more disciplined this year than in some years’ past and I succeeded in nearly doubling my fiction sales in 2006 as compared to 2005, but I still feel as if I didn’t take writing as seriously as I should.  Grad school didn’t help, but that’s a lame excuse.  I’m still not as disciplined as I should be—and too easily distracted.  Definitely a partial-success.

Resolution #4: Travel.   As I said when I made this resolution, it was my ringer since I already had one trip planned and was in the process of planning the others.  I spent a week each in London, St. Thomas and Chicago and took a few long weekend trips as well.  This is, by far, my favorite resolution to make and I succeeded.

Resolution #5:  Learn something new.   This didn’t go as well as I hoped.  I learned new things in my graduate classes, of course, but I wasn’t as proactive about learning outside the classroom.  I did, however, learn to give insulin shots to a cat and can now do it without crying or feeling nauseous, though I still wince a little bit each time.  Partial success, to be sure.

Resolution #6: Plan my 40th birthday.   Not yet, though there are people helping me figure it out and I have a few ideas.  Four months and counting… how will I spend it? 

Resolution #7:  Do something meaningful.  I think I accomplished this in several ways.  At least, I hope I did.

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