The Semester Is Off… To A Stumbling Start

Wednesday, January 10th, 2007 • No Comments on The Semester Is Off… To A Stumbling Start

It’s a little anticlimactic when the first class of the semester (Harlem Renaissance Literature) is cancelled because the professor didn’t make it to class.  Oh well.  I made the most of the unexpected free time and got some work done.  There will be many, many more classes this semester, so I shouldn’t be too upset.  Except, of course, I didn’t find out the class was cancelled until I actually went to class.  Annoying.

I have two classes tomorrow, neither of which I anticipate being cancelled.  It makes for a long day, having two classes back-to-back, but it should (hopefully) be interesting.  We’re discussing Daisy Miller in American Lit, so I suppose I should finish it.  This semester is not getting off to the best possible start.  I need to work on my enthusiasm before the real work starts.

Oh, grad school.  How I will miss you when you’re gone.

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