Saturday, February 10th, 2007 • No Comments on Listing

February 10th?  Seriously?

Life right now is about working my way through the lists… lists of deadlines and assignment lists and mundane to do lists and plan-for-the-future lists and lists of appointments to make.  There are reading lists for three classes and lists of upcoming birthdays and holidays.  There are lists of things to do when the weather is warmer (I want to take pictures outside) and household projects I probably won’t get to until May (pare down the book collection by 50% or more). 

I have my list of of mortgage calculations for my dream house (when I find it) and a list of places I would like to go this year (cheap flights to Chicago).  There is the list of things to do this weekend (read, write, laundry, repeat) and a list for next week (more reading, more writing, a trip to the post office…).  There’s the list of people I need to call or e-mail (you know who you are) and the list of birthday things to plan, if I can ever work through the list of things I need to take care before I make plans for my birthday. 

I have a list of recipes I want to try when I’m in a cooking mood and a list of books I want to read, when I have time to read for fun again.  There is the list of topics I want to blog about (writing about lists isn’t on the list, however).  There’s the list of potential gifts (it’s never too soon to think about Christmas) and a list of things I want to add to my Amazon wish list.

There are the serious lists and the frivolous lists and the cryptic lists that I don’t even remember writing.  There is the short-term future list and the long-term future list, with some items appearing on both lists because that which I hope will happen in the short term might take the long term to come to fruition.  One month lists and one year lists and vague “sometime before I die” lists compete for space on the same page.

On bad days, there are the lists of things I hate; on good days, there are lists of things I love about my life.  When I’m bored, when I’m procrastinating, when I simply have a few minutes to kill, there is a list.  I suppose I should make a list of my lists before they become too cumbersome.  Because, after all, where would I be without my lists? 

Listless, I guess.

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