By The Numbers

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007 • No Comments on By The Numbers

40 – Presents from Shannon and Jae that I will open between March 27 and May 6 (the day before my 40th birthday)

7 – Presents I have opened so far

35 – Days until my 40th birthday

31 – Days until I’m finished with my Master’s degree course work

33 – Days until I technically graduate with my Master’s degree (I say “technically” because…)

33 – Days until I’m in London and thus unable to attend graduation

7 – Assigned books I have to read before I’m finished with my classes

4 – Papers I have to write before I’m finished with my classes

2 – Take home exams I have to do before I’m finished with my classes

2 – Degree programs (a MFA and a PhD) I’m currently considering applying for once I complete my MA in Humanities

1 – Plane I plan to jump out of as part of my 40th birthday celebration

2 – People I plan to jump out of a plane with as part of my birthday celebration

24 – Units of insulin my cat Annabelle is currently receiving daily

15 – Years I’ve had my Miata

16.5 – Years I’ve been married

2 – Novels I have to finish this year

2 – Coffees I had today

42 – Days since I ate chocolate

6 – Days until I can eat chocolate again

30 – Minutes until I hope to be asleep

60 – Minutes that it will likely take me to fall asleep

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