Thursday, May 31st, 2007 • No Comments on Anticipation

It’s a good thing I’ve been writing my little heart out lately because it’s rather pitiful how few submissions I have out right now.  The best part of sending stuff out is the anticipation of waiting for a (hopefully good) response.  When nothing is out… there is nothing to anticipate.  So, while I wait (patiently, always patiently) for a response on the handful of submissions I do have out (some of them so old, it’s likely there won’t be a response), I’m working on ideas for new stuff.  In fact, I sent a proposal out yesterday for something that’s so entirely new to me I don’t even want to mention what it is yet.  It would be very cool if something comes of it, though.  Well, cool to me, anyway.  We’ll see.

I was discussing writing with a friend recently and how some projects never get finished and some need to be put aside and revisited later.  There was a time when I would wait for the inspiration to finish something.  No new writing, no new ideas, just waiting for the right time to go back and work on that unfinished project.  I have learned—painfully—that doesn’t work.  Not only does the unfinished project remain unfinished (because some things in life aren’t meant to be finished, ever), nothing new gets written.  So, it’s exciting to be creating again and sending new stories out into the world.  They won’t all be sold, but the potential is there… and it’s just a matter of waiting to find out.

I like anticipation, don’t you?

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