Memories of London

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Evening%20in%20Trafalgar%20Square.jpg This was taken on our last night in London.  The sun was going down, but the view from the steps of the National Gallery was breathtaking.  Trafalgar Square is always bustling, always alive, but it seemed especially so on this rainy evening at twilight.

I am back from London, but a part of me is still there.  I can feel the rhythm of the city humming inside me even though I’ve returned to the suburbs and have to drive everywhere to get anywhere.  I don’t know what it is about London that keeps me going back.  I wasn’t raised in a city, haven’t even spent much time in cities in this country, but from the first moment I walked those city streets, I felt like I was some place I had been before.  It felt comfortable.  Familiar.  Like home.

We accidentally walked in the wrong direction one afternoon and ended up in a more residential part of London (the ‘burbs?  Does London have suburbs?).  The city noises faded away and were replaced by the chirping of birds and the laughter of kids arriving home from school.  That should have felt more familiar to me than the city noises, but I didn’t feel comfortable again until we got back to the heart of London.  The sounds of traffic and the chiming of Big Ben made me feel safe again.

I told Jay I’ve been to London so many times it’s now become my comfort zone.  I need to go some place new and different, some place that will challenge and educate me.  I mentioned Paris and Rome and Jay said he’d like to go to Venice.  Ahh… Venice sounds lovely, but I don’t know how I can go to Venice when London is there, calling to me. 

Calling me home.

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