Star Struck

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Have you ever met a celebrity?  Someone you’ve long admired and finally, finally got a chance to meet in person?  Have you ever walked right up to one of your idols and introduced yourself?  Did you go out of your way to make the introduction happen? Were you excited?  Nervous?  Did your heart beat a little faster?  Were you afraid the experience wouldn’t live up to your expectations?  When it was over, did you smile like an idiot?  Did you tell all your friends about it?  Were you glad you made the first move?  Was it everything you hoped it would be? 

That’s how I felt when I finally met her:


For those who don’t remember, I was obsessed with Lilith (also known as Queen of the Night) for the first half of 2006.  I didn’t learn the British Museum had acquired this relief of her until after my trip in March 2006, so I was determined to see her this year.  Sheri did a very nice job of giving me a pictorial tour of her quest for Lilith on her trip to the British Museum last September, but it was even better to see the object of my obsession (and topic of my capstone Humanities paper) in person. 

I couldn’t get Lilith’s autograph, of course, but I did take a picture of the description that accompanies her:


(Regardless of what it says, I believe this is a representation of my Lilith.)

I can’t describe what it was like seeing Lilith in person.  I think I might have embarrassed myself.  She said she’d call, but I’m not sure I believe her.  You know how celebrities are.

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