Text of a Text Message Conversation

Thursday, May 24th, 2007 • No Comments on Text of a Text Message Conversation

Sheri: Dennis Quaid just walked past me!

Me: Oooh!  I like him!  Where are you?

Sheri: Walking home from work.  He’s shooting a movie by my apartment.

Me: You should bring him a sandwich.  And coffee from Julius Meinl.

Sheri:  Don’t think he’s available.  Pretty sure he and wife had babies recently.  He is cute in person.

Me:  I thought he was divorced from Meg.  He got remarried?

Sheri: Yes.  Sorry.  I think.

Me:  I’ll have to Google him.

Darn.  She was right about him being remarried, but the twins aren’t due until later this year.  Oh well.

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