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Sunday, May 27th, 2007 • 3 Comments on Writing About Not Writing

I didn’t get any writing done today.  I usually don’t on Sundays, though it’s never deliberately my intention to not write.  I just get caught up in doing other things and the writing slips away… 

Having a laptop has made writing both easier and harder.  Easier, because I can write anywhere, anytime—at least until my battery dies, and then I can keep writing if there’s an outlet handy.  Harder, because I have gotten into the routine of going somewhere else to write and now I rarely write at home.  Which often means I sit down to write at home (because that’s where I am and I need to write) and find myself doing everything but (including reading newly discovered blogs by far more talented writers—many new links in the sidebar!).  Ahh… but I’m complaining about nothing.  I didn’t write today and kinda sorta knew I wouldn’t.  I’ve been good all week, I can take the day off.

However… tomorrow is a holiday and I suspect I won’t be writing tomorrow, either.  Mondays are usually my most productive writing day (fueled by guilt from taking Sunday off, I’m sure), but this Monday will be about grilled food and sunshine, not word counts and coffee. 

Imagine my guilt on Tuesday.  Woe!

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  • Alana says:

    Heye, K, why do we allow ourselves to become so wracked with guilt if we take a day or two off from writing? I’m the same way.

    In his book, “On Writing,” Stephen King says he takes two days off a year from writing, Christmas and his birthday, and I thought, oh good for you, dammit, make me feel like a slacker. Haha. Actually, I love the King.

    Enjoy your days off. We deserve it.

    Hey, meant to ask if you sent RKB something for Yes, Ma’am or Yes, Sir?


  • WendyPortia says:

    Oh, I meant to do so much yesterday [Sunday] but it didn’t happen… just got sucked into pottering about on the web, looking for info for a group project.

    I have mixed feelings about my laptop too. It’s allowed me to work anywhere in the house… but… with it came wireless broadband. Which allows [tempts] me to easily waste time on stuff I wouldn’t have bothered with on dialup!

  • Kristina says:

    Wendy~  I know what you mean—I deliberately pick places to write that don’t have free WiFi.  Otherwise I’d never get any work done!

    Alana~  Guilt only motivates me sometimes, I’m a hedonist at heart. grin  I have loved Stephen King since I was a kid.  I devoured On Writing.  Great book.  I don’t have his discipline, though.

    I haven’t yet submitted anything to RKB, but I think I’ll get something to her by the end of the week.  (Did you get the June 1 e-mail, or did that only go to those of us who haven’t sent something yet?)

    I enjoyed “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime.”  I was afraid it would be too gimicky, but it works.  Let me know what you think.

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