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Saturday, June 9th, 2007 • No Comments on Just… Musings

—I can’t stop buying flowers and plants for the yard, garden and deck.  I. Can’t. Stop.

—I must go see Waitress soon.  And make a pie.  In that order.  I found out recently that Adrienne Shelly, the actress who wrote and directed


, was murdered in 2006 before finding out her movie had been accepted into the Sundance Film Festival.  She was 40 years old.

—One writing project means I’m lazy.  Two writing projects mean I don’t want to take on too much at one time.  Three writing projects mean I’m ambitious.  But six writing projects??  ADD, for sure.

The L-Word is over for the season.  Gilmore Girls are over for good.  Grey’s Anatomy is over for the season.  The Sopranos are over for good tomorrow night.  What the heck will I watch on television next week??

—The quickest way to get your overdue period to start?  Take a pregnancy test.

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