New York City Is The Place To Be

Friday, June 1st, 2007 • No Comments on New York City Is The Place To Be

I wish I was going to BookExpo America this weekend.  Not only because I know several fabulous authors and editors who are going to be there (along with pretty much everyone else in the publishing industry), but there will also be tons of FREE BOOKS. 

Pant.  Drool.  Whimper.

Yeah, yeah, like I need another stack of books to read.  Like I’m not already six months (cough… a year… cough) behind on my plan to downsize my already enormous book collection.  Like I can afford a trip to NYC right now, what with the London trip and the cat with a serious drug problem.  Yeah, I know, but I never claimed to be logical.  I want to be at BEA!  I wanted to be there last year, when it was in Washington, DC and even closer to home for me.  Why, why, why didn’t I go?? 

Sigh… Next year BEA is in Los Angeles, even farther away.  Maybe I’ll have sold a book by then and will be happy to chalk up the cost of the trip as a business expense.

A girl can dream.

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