Sleep Deprivation

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007 • 1 Comment on Sleep Deprivation

I am not sleeping well these days.  The list of things that is keeping me from sleeping well seems to grow by the day (or night, as it were).  Here is last night’s list, for your amusment.  Alphabetical, just because:

—Allergies.  Why, oh why, has my Singulair forsaken me?  I hope it is a temporary condition.

—Annabelle, aka Diabetic Kitty, aka Kitty Who Cannot Jump, aka Diabetic Kitty Who Cannot Jump and Therefore Demands—Loudly—That I Pick Her Up and Put Her On the Bed With Me.  Now.  Now.  Now.

—Henry, aka The Dog, aka The Most Important Member of the Family (just ask him), aka the Big Scaredy Dog When It Storms.  Pant.  Pant.  Drool.  Scratch.  Pant.  Scratch.  Drool.  Pant.  Pant.  Whine.  Pant.  Pant.

—Snoring.  Jay’s.  He can sleep through anything, as evidenced by:

—Storm.  Thunder.  Lightning.  Torrential Rain.  Normally I like a nice, gentle rain.  I do not like to be awoken by loud rolling thunder.  Or snoring.

—Tree removal at the neighbor’s house.  This was because of the storm, apparently.  They started buzzing and chainsawing very early this morning when I was finally asleep.  Dammit.

—Woodpecker.  Granted, he also waited until daylight to begin his work, but as I keep telling him:  My house is NOT a tree, you stupid freakin’ bird.

I’m tired.  Very tired.

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