Where Does My Time Go?

Thursday, June 7th, 2007 • No Comments on Where Does My Time Go?

Three hours of gardening: four tomato plants, three squash plants, two pepper plants, seven herbs and several kinds of flowers for cutting.

Four hours at the coffee shop: drinking coffee, working on a draft of a short story, plotting another story, working on my resume and a job application and making a to do list of stories to submit.

Two hours of cooking: chicken, mushroom and onion alfredo over spaghetti with feta cheese bread (dinner), the same alfredo sauce over penne in a casserole dish (for a future dinner), leftover penne tossed with three kinds of cheeses, black olives and balsamic vinaigrette (lunch this weekend).

Three hours of computer time: paying bills, looking up submission guidelines, checking e-mail, e-mailing story submissions and blogging.

Two to three hours of relaxing (to come): reading, watching television, maybe a bubble bath.

Not a bad day.  I just wish there were more hours.

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