Because I Haven’t Made a List in Awhile

Friday, October 5th, 2007 • 3 Comments on Because I Haven’t Made a List in Awhile

This Week’s Rants and One Rave:

—Essays.  I have so many essays to grade.  I’m dreaming about essays when I sleep (which isn’t often).

—Sleep?  What’s that?  The diabetic kitty who I pamper and love and give two daily shots of insulin and feed special (expensive) diabetic food and carry from room to room to room (because, while she’s fiesty as ever, she cannot walk very well) will not let me sleep.  She wakes me every few hours, screaming to be picked up, put on the bed, picked up, put on the floor, etc., etc., etc.  She has me very well-trained.  I am exhausted.

—Thanks to a paperwork screw up, I am currently working as a “volunteer” community college adjunct and—let me tell you—it really is work.  I was supposed to be paid Friday. (Nope.)  The next pay period is in November. (Not likely.)  The last pay period for adjuncts is in December.  (Um… hopefully?)

—I had a mid-week funk and spent two whole days doing nothing but napping, watching television and adding things to my beautiful new website.  While that would normally be a very good and happy thing, the funk part and the work-not-getting-done part kind of ruined any potential happy feelings.

—While I was being all sad and mopey and not getting any work (grading) done, I was also not getting anything else done.  There are bills to be paid, laundry to do, a house to clean, vet appointments to make and other fun chores.  I cannot say with any accuracy when they will all get done.

—Writing?  What’s that?  The novella languishes, due soon.  It’s plotted out and I think it’s only a matter of sitting down and writing it out, but I won’t be able to relax until I send it off. 

—Somehow, I managed to miss the entire literary festival.  I’m seriously bummed about that.  I intended to go see at least three authors, and a couple more if I had time, and it just didn’t happen.  Damn.  I’m as bad as those people who don’t read.

—It is Aches and Pains Week at the Wright house.  Injuries/disabilities thus sustained:

shoulder pull and wrist twist (long story—I blame a cat and a dog)
jammed righ foot/toes (also cat-related)
bad scratch on leg (stress-scratching, my fault)
eye-strain (too much computer use)
cramps (self-explanatory)

—I am independent, self-sufficient and well-adjusted.  I am also tired of being alone.


—Jay will be home this weekend.  I won’t be alone for three whole days!  (That almost balances out all the rest of it.)

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