Buying Art, Making Art

Sunday, October 21st, 2007 • No Comments on Buying Art, Making Art

It was supposed to be a mostly working weekend, but I manged to turn it into a mostly playing weekend.  I’m not complaining, though I will be making up for lost time tomorrow and Tuesday.  My mantra from now until Christmas is going to be, “I will get it all done.”  I won’t get it all done, of course, but if I keep saying I will, I can indulge myself in a little fun.

Speaking of indulgences, I made my first major art purchase at the Stockley Gardens Art Festival yesterday.  I have been admiring Karen Eide‘s art for several years and finally decided to take the plunge after reading about the technique she uses known as encaustic painting.  It’s really quite amazing and it gave me a new appreciation for her work.  So much so, that I made two passes by her booth before settling on one of her gorgeous paintings.  As soon as I get it hung, I will post a picture of it (along with one of the artist and me, thanks to Nick’s quick thinking).

My novella is off to my editor, but I still have a paper to write.  More soon.

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