I Heart Cupid (Almost As Much As I Heart Jeremy Piven)

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007 • 2 Comments on I Heart Cupid (Almost As Much As I Heart Jeremy Piven)

Happy, happy! 

It’s not often that a series gets a second chance but that’s just what’s happening with the cult favorite show Cupid.

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I loved this show.  Loved it.  The writing was terrific, fast paced and witty and Jeremy Piven was fabulous as the crazy-man-who-might-be-Cupid.  I fell in love with him in this show and was furious when they cancelled it.  (I was also furious with myself when I missed the last televised episode because I wasn’t home and forgot to put a tape in the VCR.)  Of course, the new Cupid won’t be the old Cupid and I can’t imagine who they will find to take Jeremy “Cupid” Piven’s place, but if it does make it to television, I will watch it.  (And now I have TiVo, so no missed episodes!)

Last year, Nick managed to track down a copy of Cupid on DVD for me.  I still haven’t watched it because I know once I start, I will watch the entire series in one sitting.  I keep saving it for a special occasion—and a day when I have fifteen hours to kill. 

Maybe once I meet my deadlines, I’ll reward myself with a Cupid-fest.  Mmmm…


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  • Kristina says:

    Rose—It was the 98/99 season and I think it was ABC.  I believe the last episode aired on Valentine’s Day 1999.  It really was a blip on the radar, but for some reason I saw it from the beginning.

  • Rose says:

    Cupid? What/when was it on? Can I borrow the DVDs?

    BTW, I loved the excerpt, but it was also really scary. You know what I mean?

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