I Wanna Make a Little Magic With Bruce

Sunday, October 28th, 2007 • 1 Comment on I Wanna Make a Little Magic With Bruce

I used to be a big concert-goer back in the 80s (translation: when I was single and had lots of disposable income).  That was back in the pre-computer days when people actually

camped out

for concert tickets.  I did it more than once (most notably on a very, very cold night to buy tickets for a Bryan Adams concert).  Concerts were cheaper back then, of course.  I saw Elton John in 1989 for less than thirty bucks and spent almost triple that to see him four years ago.  The cost of inflation, I suppose.  And shiny constumes.

I’m older now and there aren’t as many musicians or bands that can get me to part with close to (or more than) a hundred dollars for three hours of staring at a teeny stage in the distance while the smell of marijuana wafting by gives me a headache.  There aren’t many people who are worth fighting the crowds, dealing with the parking and braving the ladies room.

However, I would gladly do all of the above—and possibly more—for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band

Bruce performed nearby a year or so ago, but it was a solo tour and I did not get tickets.  I have been told by people in the know that the only way to see The Boss is with the E Street Band.  I have been told by people in the know that the first time I see Bruce I should see him with the E Street Band.  I have been told by people in the know that seeing Bruce perform with the E Street Band might make me have an orgasm.  (Okay, I’m making up that last one, but It’s Bruce for cryin’ out loud, so it’s gotta be possible.)

I have heard some of the songs from Bruce’s new album, Magic.  Very old-school.  I like it.  It’s the first album he has done with the E Street Band since 2002’s The RisingFive years.  I didn’t see Bruce and the E Street Band five years ago and, honestly, I don’t know how many more tours they have in them.  Bruce Springsteen is fifty-eight years old.  Fifty-eight!  He’s still hot and, I’m sure, able to induce orgasms across a crowded stadium.  I would love to see Bruce Springsteen—with the E Street Band, of course.

Which is where we get to my dilemma:

No one told me Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band were on tour right now.  I’ve been a little out-of-touch with the music scene for, oh, let’s say the last five years, so people need to keep me informed. 

No one told me Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band were performing

right down the street

three hours away from me in Washington, D.C.  I mean, that’s practically my backyard! (And waaaay too close to George W., but that’s another blog post for another day.)

No one told me about the tour and then I found out and now it’s too late.  The concerts—both of them!—are sold out.  Not a surprise, but I was hoping.  I was hoping there might be two tickets waaaaay in the back for me and a friend (which would be Jay, since he’ll be home the weekend Bruce is in D.C.).  Alas, there are no tickets on ticketmaster.com.  However, I have been told there are other places to locate tickets, for a price.  Seems illegal to me, this selling of tickets at a not-official-ticket-site.  Why is it not illegal?

So, now I’m contemplating what Bruce is worth.  Bruce and the E Street Band.  Together.  On stage.  Like the old days.  Playing old-school rock ‘n roll.  Bruce freakin’ Springsteen.  An American icon.  A musical genius.  A true poet.  A hot lookin’ older dude with nice arms.  Ahem. 

I wanna see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.  Bad.

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  • Rose says:

    Hmmm, I’ll do Elton again…maybe, but you’re on own for Bruce. Let’s go to NYC and catch the Rockettes instead? Or how ‘bout the Blue Man Group??? Since we opted out last time…

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