I’m Waiting for the Box in a Box Kit

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I love these little “in a box” kits on the spinny rack near the register at Barnes and Noble.  They have something for everyone.  Flamingos in a Box; Snowman in a Box (for Jennifer), Tarot in a Box; Spa Day in a Box; Rubber Duckie in a Box—you name it, you can get it in an itty bitty box for around $6.95.

I don’t know the appeal of such things—after all, what can fit in a three-inch by three-inch box that is going to make a good gift?—but they must sell millions of them since they come out with new “in a box” kits every few months.  I can’t resist spinning the rack to see what new ideas they’ve managed to shrink into a little box.  They have a new Construction Zone in a Box kit that comes with little orange cones and it’s just adorable and I want it.  Of course, that’s the point: to lure you in with the clever concept and packaging… but the contents are often disappointing. 

I bought the Soothing Fountain in a Box a few years ago and it was a little plastic bowl with a couple of rocks, a piece of hose and a hand-held pump.  In order to make the “soothing” sound, I had to fill the little bowl with water and then squeeze the pump to make the water gurgle.  It was not very satisfying and I did not feel very soothed.  Still, I’m enamored by these little boxes of goodness (they probably have a Goodness in a Box Kit) that promise so much for so little.  Except for this one, which seems kind of cynical:


The flask is kind of cute, though.  I wonder how much it holds?

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