Maybe I Should Be a Zombie Writer

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007 • 3 Comments on Maybe I Should Be a Zombie Writer

Between Zombie Yoga, the freaky baby costumes, Sommer’s Vampire Wine and the exciting news that my all-time favorite Stephen King novella, The Mist, has been made into a movie, I guess you could say I have Halloween on the brain.  It is one of my favorite holidays, even though I haven’t dressed up in… four years?  How sad.  It’s always fun to be someone else for awhile, don’t you think?

Oh, how I do love Halloween, though!  I love the scary movies and the costumes, love the pumpkins and the sense of anticipation.  I wish I had something fabulous planned for this year, but I will most likely be on my porch, handing out candy to the kiddos—and to the teenagers, and to the parents of babies who aren’t even eating solid food yet… I’m easy, I’ll give candy to anyone.  I suppose I could dress up for the occasion, but that seems rather silly since I’ll be alone.  Halloween just isn’t the same when you’re “haunting” by yourself.

It is far too late for me to be thinking of ghoulies and ghosties and things that go bump in the night.  I’ll be dreaming of zombie babies who drink red wine and do yoga.  Scary.

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