Praise When I Need It Most

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007 • No Comments on Praise When I Need It Most

I received a few comments in e-mail about the scene I posted last week, though no definitive answer about whether it works in the present tense.  (Alana?)  It’s not the first scene of whatever it will ultimately become (a book, I think, but perhaps only a long story), but when I’m pressed for time and a scene comes to me fully-formed, I write it down.  That moment in the doctor’s office kept playing over and over in my head one night when I couldn’t sleep and it feels real to me now. 

Of the five or six responses I received, this one really affected me:

WOW- you have me all choked up. What a great start to a novel.
It is my worst nightmare in words. I think all new moms who have had the challenge of conceiving just hope they will see their kids grow up to be loving and caring individuals.  Life doesn’t always work that way. I think you will touch a lot of people with this one.

I won’t say who wrote it since she didn’t post it as a comment, but thank you for your kind words.  You have no idea how much I needed that right now.  I have to put this project aside for a little while, but I will be revisiting it once I’ve met my deadlines.  I know only another writer will understand this, but I feel like I need to write Gregory’s story. 


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