Thursday Thirteen

Thursday, October 11th, 2007 • 9 Comments on Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Need To Do in the Next Thirteen Days

1.  Finish my novella and send it off to my editor.

2.  Grade a thousand College Composition essays (okay, not a thousand, but it feels like it).

3.  Wrap up the eight-week College Composition class and submit final grades.

4.  Write a paper for my Women’t Studies class.

5.  Work on my strange, sad, beautiful story.

6.  October anthology deadlines.  November anthology deadlines.  December anthology deadlines.

7.  Make vet appointments for two cats and one dog.

8.  Make two doctors’ appointments for myself.

9.  Make a hair appointment to get my not-red-any-longer roots returned to their “natural” color.

10.  Catch up on TiVo’d episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice and Tell Me You Love Me.*

11.  Read something for fun.  Perhaps Queenpin, since it’s been sitting by my bed for two months.  Or The Historian, which has been there over a year.*

12.  See a movie.  Or two.  Maybe Elizabeth: The Golden Age, or Eastern Promises, or Across the Universe, or Feast of Love, or Michael Clayton, or Lady Chatterley, or King of California… wait, that’s more than two, isn’t it?*

13.  Pumpkins!  Gourds!  Mums!  Halloween Candy!  It’s my favorite month of the year and I need to celebrate!*

*Only after I finish the novella.

(I found Thursday Thirteen at Alison Kent’s blog, by way of the Thursday Thirteen hub.)


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