Thursday Thirteen

Friday, October 19th, 2007 • 3 Comments on Thursday Thirteen

It’s Thursday, so it must be time for Thursday Thirteen.  Here we go…

Thirteen Ways I Procrastinate From Writing:

1.  Check e-mail.  Check e-mail.  Check e-mail.  (Repeat every 7 minutes for three hours.)

2.  Watch reruns of Sex and the City, seeking writing inspiration.

3.  Read the newspaper to make sure I haven’t missed any really important recent news.

4.  Watch the news to make sure I haven’t missed any really important breaking news.

5.  Write e-mail.

6.  Check e-mail.  Check e-mail.  Check e-mail.  (Repeat until e-mail written is responded to.)

7.  Make myself feel less guilty about not writing by re-reading lovely note from Clean Sheets editor:

Here’s your wonderful, wonderful, wonderful story, gently nudged for Clean Sheets. It’s an honor.

8.  Read blogs.  Read blogs.  Read blogs.  (Repeat until I have read the past week’s worth of posts by the fabulous writers in my blogroll.)

9.  Follow links to other blogs from my favorite blogs.

10.  Blog about… well, blogs.

11.  Blog about anything else that seems interesting.

12.  Check academic e-mail.

13.  When all else fails to distract me from writing: clean.  (Scary, isn’t it?)


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  • Sommer says:

    You should just email me cause we are doing the same thing all day! Except the news. It depresses me. I pace. I walk. I pace. I walk. I fold clothes, wash clothes. I refuse to put them away, though. For some reason I draw the line there. I do spend a spectacular amount of time checking email and reading blogs and blogging and thinking about blogging. It’s a freakin’ miracle I manage to write at all. smile hee hee

  • Hestial says:

    Happy (belated) TT!

    Also, you won the Love Your Body Day giveaway on my blog smile Congrats!

  • Wakela Runen says:

    I loved your list.  Definitely some great ways to escape from writing…

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