Tomorrow is Today and Other Deep Insights

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007 • 1 Comment on Tomorrow is Today and Other Deep Insights

I would love to say that when I dropped Jay off at the airport this morning (long story, but he couldn’t fly out last night thanks to the Airline That Sucks and the Airport That Sucks Worse) that I immediately switched into worker bee mode and started accomplishing things.

I would love to say that.  However, since I’m sort of big on telling the truth, I can’t say that.  The truth is an ugly thing, rife with napping and covers pulled over my head and the thermostat turned down to an autumn-equivalent temperature to combat the ridiculous heat and humidity outside (yes, Jennifer, today I hate living in Virginia) and eating nothing healthy and feeling sick after eating the not healthy food. 


I attempted to redeem myself (that’s Michael Vick’s word, but I can borrow it because I’m cuter and treat my dog like a king) with two solid hours of essay grading, but I’m looking at about eight more hours of grading (at least) and that’s just not going to happen tonight.  I know Scarlett said tomorrow is another day, but I’m running out of tomorrows and have two Major Deadlines next week.  There is no room for covers-over-the-head napping or junk food eating or friendly socializing or entertainment of any sort; there is no room even for blogging.

I am a big believer in the reward system as a powerful motivator, but desperate times call for desperate measures and I am now switching to the self-denial system to motivate myself.  I shall deny myself the things I want until the work gets done (or, at least, a reasonable daily portion of the work).  So: no napping, no junk food, no socializing, no television, no blogging.  No, no, no.  The theory is, of course, that I will jump out of bed early in the morning, do my daily-allotted work and then reward myself for my efforts.

I fear this will not be the reality.  We shall see.

However, I have done what I consider a reasonable amount of work since I made this declaration, um… three hours ago, so I get to blog.  Wheeee!

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