Well, That Explains A Few Things

Saturday, October 13th, 2007 • 1 Comment on Well, That Explains A Few Things

I found the spinning lady over at Jennifer’s blog.  She spun clockwise for me at first (the spinning lady, not Jennifer), but after a minute of thinking about it, I was able to make her spin the opposite direction.  With some concentration, I could make her go either direction within a few seconds.  Is that why I’m such a good devil’s advocate, because I can “think” on both sides of my brain?  (Jae?)  I would like to watch the spinning lady at the same time someone else is watching her to see if this is just an optical illusion or if it really is a right-brain/left-brain determiner.

I’m curious about two things: Is the article correct in declaring that most people see her spinning anti-clockwise?  Every time I look at her, she’s going clockwise to start and I have to “think” her into going anti-clockwise.  And, is anti-clockwise the new term for counter-clockwise or is that just an Australian term?

Tell me which way she spins for you!

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