You Say Caterpillar, I Say Ewww…

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So, the topic of babies and Halloween costumes came up the other day.  I understand the appeal of dressing up Junior as a baby Ninja and hauling him around the neighborhood to collect candy that he can’t eat.  Hell, if I thought it would net me some free chocolate, I’d borrow one of the little munchkins myself.  (Then again, I can afford the $3.99 for a bag of miniature Hershey’s candy bars…) 

Of course, Mom and Dad (um… usually Mom) are never quite that honest about their intentions.  It’s for the infant/toddler, of course.  It’s for Junior’s enjoyment to be bundled up in a fuzzy fleece pumpkin costume on an 80 degree night in Virginia.  Oh, of course it is!  No, this little scam of dressing up the under-three crowd and teaching them the fine art of trick-or-treating (which amounts to Mom saying “Say it, go ahead, say it Timmy, c’mon, don’t be shy…”) is strictly for the benefit of the parents.  Let’s not pretend otherwise, ‘k?  Collect your loot by dragging your ‘lil devil up and down the street past their bedtime and then gorge yourself on gummy worms and candy corn, but at least be honest about your agenda.

The choices of infant/toddler costumes run the gamut from princess to penguin, but one wonders about the parent that would dress their child up in this costume:


The description reads:

Mommy’s little monster! This Lil’ Bugger will give ‘em the creepy crawlies! Made with a small receiving blanket with the center cut out for the baby (or doll) to fit through. Adjustable size with elastic draw string pull. The light latex Bugger shell snap fits into place over baby to create the disturbing illusion . The yellow paint on this Lil’ Bugger is even black light reactive and gives it that eerie fuzzy bug look. The best in demented infant costumes. (Best to hand wash blanket.)

(This company also has a truly demented line of infant costumes called “Bloody Bonnets” with things like hatchets and brain-eating grubs protruding from them.)

Gives new meaning to The Very Hungry Caterpillar, doesn’t it?

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