An Exciting Night (Is Not What It Used To Be)

Friday, November 2nd, 2007 • 3 Comments on An Exciting Night (Is Not What It Used To Be)

An exciting Friday night for me:

Frantic, last minute, one-end-of-the-mall-to-the-other suit shopping (oh yes, I live for suit shopping) followed by a crazy trip to a popular chain hair salon (for him, not me) where a hair stylist-mommy completed a man’s haircut in record time while chasing after her toddler.  Said stylist also seems to think iced tea is a perfectly acceptable beverage for said toddler (who had been playing in the sink upon our arrival). 

A semi-relaxing dinner of cheap Italian capped off with tasty chocolate gelato.  (Payback for enduring the above two-hour experience which felt much, much longer.)

Coming home to find my fabulous Winterberry Snowflake Flannel Sheets waiting for me on my porch.

Also finding a check in the mailbox from my favorite editor.

Back-to-back showings of Sahara.  I do not know why I love this movie so much.  It could be the high adventure plot (I’m a sucker for high adventure), the terrific classic rock soundtrack combined with African tribal music, or Matthew McConaughey’s hunky, tanned muscles.  Maybe all three.  I don’t generally like him in movies and in real life he just seems flaky as hell, but in Sahara… yum.  Plus, Steve Zahn is just adorable.  I can take or leave Penelope Cruz.

The promise of sleep.  (Even if it has to be Nyquil induced.)

Friday nights are wild around here, I tell you.

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  • Jae says:

    When I’m in need for a spring suit, you’re my girl.  I’ll never, never go back to that place to get my hair cut again.  I don’t care how nice it may look today!  Thanks again.  And yes, cheap… we should have went with wine for dinner, too!

  • I hope your cold leaves soon. Of course, you do realize that…um…those are *my* sheets and they simply delivered them to the wrong address? When you are feeling better you can pack them up and sent them along to me. Their rightful owner. wink

    Good luck on NaNo. I”ll race ya!

  • Kristina says:

    Sommer… I fear you will win NaNoWriMo.  I will, however, still have the fabulous flannel sheets! smile

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