Barely a Blog Post

Monday, December 17th, 2007 • No Comments on Barely a Blog Post

Oh yes, I’m supposed to blog again.  But what to blog about?  I have done little more than nap today, what with the nasty weather (cold, rainy, windy) and having the blahs.  Sundays alone are like that sometimes, I suppose.  I cancelled not one, but two, prior engagements and opted to stay in bed instead.  I did, however, climb out of my comfy bed to get pizza and coffee (not together), but I am once again back in my pajamas and back in bed.  Amount of time dressed in real clothes today: 4 hours.  Wow.  I’m surprised it was that much.

Not looking forward to MMTM (Mammogram Monday), but it must be done.  Much like submitting final grades for my composition classes.  I should have gotten much more accomplished today than I did.  Again, I suppose Sundays are sometimes like that.  It makes for busy Mondays, which may be why Mondays have such a lousy reputation (MMTM aside).  It is nine days until Christmas… where is that darn Christmas spirit when I need it?

I know I said several times yesterday, “There’s a blog post in that,” but there isn’t much I feel like exploring tonight—except the back of my eyelids.


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