Best. Gadget. Ever.

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007 • No Comments on Best. Gadget. Ever.

image  Those of you who know me, know I’m not particularly fond of gadgets.  (Well, there are exceptions.)  Technology irritates me most of the time.  I do not like fancy new stuff that is designed to make my life easier, better, faster but only confounds me as it breaks as soon as I

become addicted

get used to it.  However…

This little gadget is awesome.  Incredible.  Amazing.  There are not enough superlatives to describe it.  I am an old-fashioned girl.  Old school.  Just plain old.  I stick with the tried-and-true until I am forced to move into the next decade (or century).  There have been very few moments in technological advancement that have impressed me enough to say, “I want that now!”  I was nervous about switching from a desktop PC to a laptop Mac, but I will never, ever go back to either a desktop or a PC.  Likewise, I was skeptical about the practicality of a wireless modem.  Why would I need such a thing?

Well, for one… I can blog


.  Seriously.  It’s incredible.  (Did I say that already?)  Oh, and I can post grades from anywhere.  And answer e-mail from anywhere.  And shop online… from anywhere.  Heaven, I tell you. 

(This blog post brought to you from Starbucks, where I did not have to pay for a T-Mobile connection.)

Thank you, Jay!

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