Better Than the Day Before

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007 • 1 Comment on Better Than the Day Before

Today was a better day than yesterday.  Given that I nearly broke my ankle yesterday, it seemed almost a certainty that today would go better.  However, one never knows what fate has in store, so I’m happy that today was a better day.  I received two pieces of good news, got a little work done, had some coffee, got treated to dinner, did a little reading that was both for fun and for work (which is always a treat).  Nice, nice.  Also, thanks to the beauty of online holiday shopping, some packages arrived today, which makes me feel like an accomplishment even though I really did the ordering a week ago.

I’m keeping up with my Holidailies blogging and I’m happy to see some familiar faces among the other participants, as well as some fabulous new discoveries, such as AJ’s photography at White Eleven.  I love discovering new blogs to read and photoblogs to admire.

The weather is appropriately chilly (chilly for anywhere—it’s in the 30s!), putting me in a baking mood.  I made fudge Sunday night and I have promised brownies to Sheri, so that might be tomorrow night.  I really do intend to do holiday cards this year and will (hopefully) start those this weekend, along with doing a little more shopping.  I’m itching to have a chunk of time to write—six or eight hours straight, rather than the one or two hours I’ve been getting by with in the past month.  I didn’t write at all Thanksgiving week and it’s time to get back to it in a serious way.

I’m in a nesting mood—flannel sheets on the bed and twinkly lights to look at (though the Christmas tree is still bare of decorations, I have my little silver and blue tree in the bedroom to make me happy) and tons and tons of all kinds of reading…

Life is good… even if I’m limping through it right now.

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  • parker house says:

    I am decorating my bedroom, but want a specific color (to match the walls) for my bed, night-stand, etc. Any ideas who offers this online? I don’t have time to do it myself.

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