Little Boys and Sad Stories

Sunday, December 23rd, 2007 • 1 Comment on Little Boys and Sad Stories

I opened the paper yesterday and saw a picture of Gregory.  It wasn’t Gregory, of course.  My little redheaded character is just a figment of my creativity.  But I saw this picture of a little boy who looked so remarkably like the Gregory in my mind, that a shiver ran up my spine.  Red hair, pale skin, big smile.  His hair was shorter than I imagined it to be, but he was otherwise the real-life version of my fictional boy.

The only reason I read the article was because he looked so much like Gregory.  The second shiver came with reading the article—this little boy is dying, too.  His name isn’t Gregory, it’s Sam, and he is dying of neuroblastoma, rather than the brain tumor I inflicted upon Gregory.  I would assume his hair is so short from the chemotherapy he has endured.  It was a heartbreaking article about a father’s desperate attempt to save his son at any (and, some might say, unethical) cost.  It made me sad, but it reinforced my need to write Gregory’s story.  It really needs to be written.

Another one of those signs the universe is throwing my way, perhaps.

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