My Fantasy Christmas List

Thursday, December 6th, 2007 • No Comments on My Fantasy Christmas List

I read Mary Anne’s fantasy Christmas list and was inspired.  I do not want for much and the things I do want are mostly intangibles like more time to read and write and hang out with friends.  But here is my fantasy Christmas list:

—To spend Christmas in London.  I would like to wake up Christmas morning in a suite at Claridge’s.  Tea and scones for a late breakfast in bed and a walk along the Thames in the afternoon. (At over £1500 a night, I do not think I will be staying at Claridge’s anytime soon.)

Springsteen tickets, up close and personal.  I wanna see him sweat.

—A book contract.  Preferably a two-book deal, so I wouldn’t have to worry about selling my option book and could just concentrate on writing for a year or two.

—For Jay not to deploy in April.  Or ever again.  Unless he’s the CO of his own ship, in which case he can deploy if he wants to, but he must stop in cool ports I can visit.

—For my cat Annabelle to be miraculously cured of diabetes and all the rest of my aging pets to live happily for many more years and die peacefully in their sleep.

—A zippy new MacBook Pro.

—To find the perfect house in Ghent (or West Ghent).

—An anniversary trip with Sheri next year.  Maybe to Paris.

Honestly, the only thing I really need is sleep.  I can’t ever get enough of that…

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