Oh, Christmas Tree

Monday, December 24th, 2007 • 1 Comment on Oh, Christmas Tree

image This is the first year we’ve had a fake tree for Christmas in a long, long time.  It just made sense this year, with Jay being in Rhode Island and my little car being ill-equipped to haul a real tree home (even if I could haul the tree in by myself).  So, we opted for a fake tree—pre-lit.  It certainly does simplify things, though I prefer colored lights.  I have this whole system of stringing lights on a real tree that involves winding the strands of lights around the branches so that the entire tree is illuminated.  Oh, and I alternate solid strands with flashing strands, so there is much blinking and color and always lights on.  Not this year.  This year, it was just a matter of putting the tree together (which Jay did), plugging it in and turning it on.  Easy.  I miss my colored lights, though.  It’s the kid in me.

Along with colored lights, there are usually so many ornaments on our real tree that you can’t see much of the tree.  I have many, many ornaments.  Glass ornaments and wood ornaments.  Homemade ornaments and Hallmark ornaments.  Balls and bows.  Store bought pretties and craft fair finds.  Many ornaments.  This year, along with the less-flashy fake tree with white lights, I opted for a simpler decorating style of mostly white and clear ornaments, with a splash of red.  There are some new old-fashioned balls I picked up at Restoration Hardware last week along side the old handmade fabric stockings a friend made for me several years ago.  There are snowflake ornaments Jay made and sparkly icicles I bought at Target.  There are candy canes and snowmen and green ribbon that almost blends in with the tree.  It is not the flashy, multi-colored, ornament-laden tree of Christmases past, but it is a pretty tree.

I wanted a nice Christmas this year—a peaceful holiday to carry me through to the end of the year.  My Christmas tree represents my mood this season.

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