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Friday, December 14th, 2007 • 1 Comment on Open Letter

Dear Student X:

All it takes to get an A or B in my class is to do the work. Oh, yes, and turn it in

Do not make me hunt you down to get your last essay.  Despite my compassionate demeanor and swift response to your e-mails, I really do have a life.

Do not make me e-mail you three times because you do not check your school e-mail address.

Do not make me wonder whether you’ve decided that, despite your 90 average, you’d rather get a D in the class (because that is the most you can hope for when you get a zero on 20% of your grade) than submit your last essay—which I know you’ve written because you posted your rough draft.

Do not tell me you are busy with other classes.  I am busy, too.  But look at me, e-mailing you to find out why you haven’t submitted your essay.

Do not complain about your internet connection, the school website or any other technical issue.  You have known for four weeks when this essay was due—you could have submitted it at any point.

Do not send me snippy e-mails.  It will not make me think fondly of you when I am grading your late essay.

Lastly, please forward this e-mail to the three other students in the class who have not submitted their last essay.  I am tired and do not feel like typing their e-mail addresses.

Thank you.

Lowly Paid, Highly Dedicated Adjunct

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  • Jae says:

    Why on earth are you hunting down students who fail to turn in their essay?  I have never known a professor to do such.  You’re crazy! 

    Looking forward to lunch/ dinner today.

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