Resolutions: 8 in ‘08

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In 2008, I resolve to…

—Survive the year with humor, grace and self-sufficiency.

Jay will be gone for a ridiculous amount of time this year.  I am dealing with some health stuff.  Life has a way of kicking me when I’m down.  All good reasons to make this my number one resolution.

—Read more.  A lot more.

Like most writers I know, I find myself reading fewer and fewer books as the years go by.  I need to read more—outside of academic writing and other people’s blogs.  I’m making this a priority in 2008.  Book Club will be back!

—Make some art.

I am not an artist by any stretch of the imagination, but I find myself wanting to create something besides words on a page.  My word ornament was a start—I want to make more art and maybe take a class.  I also want to take more pictures and do something with them beyond uploading them to my computer.

—Plan a trip—or two.

Sheri and I are talking about taking an anniversary trip in 2008.  20 years of enduring friendship deserves a celebration.  Jay will be all over the map and meeting up with him in some far-flung location is also a possibility.  I know I’m going to be reluctant to plan any trips this year—for a variety of reasons—so perhaps if I make it a resolution, I’ll stick by it.

—Make some new friends—especially female friends.

I’m feeling the need for more women in my life. 

—Write every day.  Every day.

I have several major projects I want to complete this year and the only way it’s going to happen is if I write every day.  I won’t be able to accomplish 365 days of writing, but if I can manage at least 250 days of writing, I will be content.

—Learn something new.

This year, I really want to take at least one non-academic class and perhaps work on learning a foreign language.

—Nurture myself.

Massages, manicures, meditation, Pilates and yoga.  Medical appointments as required, new glasses to replace the ones that have been sliding down my nose for three months, home cooked meals instead of cheese sandwiches.  More rest, less stress.  Cutting out the toxic stuff and unnecessary drama and replacing it with peace and balance.  I will accomplish this in 2008.

Happy New Year… make it count!

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