Silent Night

Tuesday, December 25th, 2007 • 1 Comment on Silent Night

A peaceful, dark house.  Presents waiting beneath the Christmas tree to be opened in the morning.  Pets nestled in the corners of rooms.  A multitude of yummy leftovers in two refrigerators.  An assortment of chocolate desserts and a cheesecake, too.  Husband home (for now) and friends here for the fifth year of an annual tradition. 

There will be time enough to worry about the work to be done, the classes to prepare, the doctors’ appointments to endure, the writing deadlines to meet, the bills to sort and pay.  There will be time enough for all of the sadness and melancholy, the bad stuff that invades and sometimes takes over.

Tonight, I am at peace once again.  Fleeting and fragile as it may be, it is peace and it is mine.

The best Christmas present ever.

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