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Wednesday, December 12th, 2007 • 1 Comment on This and That

I’m not much in a blogging mood this evening, but I am committed to my Holidailies.  So, to compromise between my apathy and my dedication (procrastination?), here are a few tidbits of my week:

—I have fifty or so documented essays to grade so I can wrap up my two College Composition classes.  I have gotten some lovely—and anonymous—feedback about my classes.  The anonymous part is especially nice because it negates the possibility of sucking up.

—I am not finished with my holiday shopping, but I have found some terrific gifts for a few hard-to-buy-for people.  I love it when that happens.

—The doggie is starting to feel better (or so I assume, since he’s letting me sleep longer).  There are a bunch of follow-up appointments for him and the diabetic kitty coming up, which won’t be fun, but right now things aren’t too, too difficult to deal with.

—Speaking of appointments: next Monday will now be known as Mammogram MondayTM.  What fun, what joy.  I hope I get a candy cane or something for my suffering.

—Speaking of other appointments: I had blood drawn today and my arm is throbbing.  Not sure why, the tech did a terrific job getting the needle into my hard-to-find vein.

—It’s been ridiculously warm here in southeastern Virginia.  It was near 80 yesterday.  Crazy weather.  It makes it hard to be in a festive mood. 

—Speaking of festive moods: my holiday mood so far has been quiet and reflective rather than Martha Stewart Living.  I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

—I’m looking for some good movies to go see.  Any recommendations?

—I don’t want to be singing Blue Christmas, so I’d better snap out of this mood… soon.

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  • jessie says:


    Good luck Monday!

    -The doggie is starting to feel better. There are a bunch of follow-up appointments for him and the diabetic kitty coming up

    Awww, poor babies what happened? 🙁

    Shopping? I haven’t started…..


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