Wisdom of My Years

Friday, December 21st, 2007 • 2 Comments on Wisdom of My Years

School is out for winter break.  How do I know?  The influx of chatty teenagers at my local Starbucks.  They are so darn cute to watch—trying to be so very cool in a just-like-everybody-else kind of way.  I watch them while they ignore me.  I could be their mother—the fact still startles me sometimes—so I hold no interest for them.  I listen to their conversations—hard not to do when they seem intent on talking over each other—and admire their “new” retro-80s outfits.  I hear my friends and myself twenty-odd years ago.  Time marches on, but some things are constant (and leg warmers still look dumb outside of a dance class).  The teen years are tough years.  Remember?

The ones who seem most self-conscious, most uncomfortable, most out-of-place—those are the ones I want to hug and say, “Don’t worry, it doesn’t last.”  The ones who seem most cynical, most on top-of-the-world, most sure of themselves—those are the ones I want to hug and say, “I’m sorry.  It won’t last.”

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