One Week Down, Fifty-One To Go

Sunday, January 6th, 2008 • No Comments on One Week Down, Fifty-One To Go

Sorry I’ve been away.  A bad cold/virus/plague thing came to visit me on Wednesday night and doesn’t want to leave.  I have all of the fun symptoms: fever, aching joints, chills, stuffy head, headache, sore throat, nasty cough.  Exciting stuff.  Hopefully it will pass soon…

After two and a half weeks of being home, Jay is back in Rhode Island and I’m living along again.  The good news is… he’ll only be gone for another 7 weeks.  The bad news is… once he’s back, he’ll only be home for 7 weeks.  Deployment 2008, here we come.

Between Jay being home, the holidays and being sick, I have enjoyed a semi-relaxing two-week vacation.  Spring semester starts tomorrow and I still have a ton of reading and work to do before I’m ready.  I also have to commit to what class I’m going to take this semester.  Long story, but it’s a choice between the boring class and the fun class.  The boring class meets a requirement for my Women’s Studies certificate, the fun class… well, it would just be fun.  Work-writing fun, but still.  Right now, fuzzy from cold medicine and feeling blue, I’m seriously leaning toward the fun class.  I need to decide… by tomorrow.  Of course, the reality is I don’t need to take a class at all, but I feel like I should.  I’m weird that way—it’s part of the “learn something new” resolution I make for myself every year.

I’m starting to work on one of my other New Year’s resolutions, too. I’ve joined Good Reads in an attempt to nudge myself to read more this year.  I have started adding books and reviews.  Stop by if you’re a member—I need some friends!  Hopefully Book Club will be up and running sometime in 2008, too.  Yay, reading!  (I’m such a geek.)

Okay, that’s my Sunday evening update.  I’m going back to watching the season premier of The L-Word.  I’ll go ahead and say it for everyone else who is watching: Jenny needs to die.

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